The Homeowner Application Process

Habitat for Humanity makes  home ownership affordable by leveraging donated products and volunteer work hours to lower the costs of home construction and renovation. Each new home project is a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and a new homeowner. After a new homeowner is chosen for a project, they get hands-on experience putting "Sweat Equity" into their new homes by working alongside other Habitat volunteers! 

We never know when our next home project will be starting! But when we're starting a new project, after we've found a lot or a home to renovate, we start the process by hosting an informational meeting about the opportunity. We reach out to our potential homeowners, share the opportunity through our networks and host an event to help potential homeowners understand the process. We share applications at the meeting, and offer assistance in completing it. We don't give out applications online or by request because we go over some really important stuff in the meeting. If you are absolutely unable to attend the meeting, we can set up an appointment time in our office instead.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, to be sent a notification postcard when a home is available with the details of the next meeting, please fill out the contact us section and let us know!